Bridal Services

Frances personally meets with each bride to fit their dress perfectly. At the first fitting, Frances and the bride will determine exactly what needs to be altered on the dress. Additional fittings will be scheduled until the dress is an ideal fit and the bride is completely satisfied. 

Veils, Sashes and Headpieces

If you are still looking for a veil, sash or headpiece to complete your look, we offer a large selection of items for you to choose from. Feel free to take a look during your appointment!

Please call 859-442-7397 to schedule an appointment!



How Many Fittings do I Need?

There will be at least two fittings. The first fitting will be for Frances to assess what needs to be done, and the second fitting will determine how the dress fits after alterations. If alterations are extensive, there may be one or two more fittings.

How Much Do Bridal Alterations Cost?

Please see our bridal pricing below. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. A definite estimate can be determined at the first appointment.

How is Payment Charged?

The bride will be given a breakdown of all charges at the first fitting. 50% is due at the first fitting, and the remainder will be paid after alterations have been completed.

When Should I Pick Up My Dress?

We will happily store your dress until as close to the wedding as you would like, for no extra charge.

Will My Dress Need to be Steamed?

We will press and steam your dress for no extra charge so it will be ready to wear on your wedding day.

May Other People Come to My Fittings?

Yes, we always love if you can bring your mother, mother-in-law, bridesmaids, grandma, etc. to your fitting(s). If their dresses need to be altered, they can bring them to your fitting without an additional appointment. Also, if your dress will require bustles, it's always helpful to have a friend or family member at your appointment so they can see how to bustle the dress between the ceremony and reception.

Bridal Pricing